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AuthorTopic: Request for additional functions/variables
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I'd like to be able to define my own functions, but that seems to be impossible now, so in lieu of that, I'd like to ask if at least a few more useful functions could be exported.

My initial choices:
short max(short a,short b)
{if (a > b)return a;
else return b;}

short min(short a,short b){
if (a < b)return a;
else return b;}

short minmax(short min,short max,short k) {
if (k < min) return min;
if (k > max) return max;
return k;}
If these look familiar it's because they are just lifted from the editor source.

These would make scripting conditional loops a lot easier.

I'd also really like to have better user input, using storable string and integer variables with at least a local scope.


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