print_big_str_color() not working?

Error message

Deprecated function: implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters in drupal_get_feeds() (line 394 of /var/www/
AuthorTopic: print_big_str_color() not working?
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I'm not completely sure about this, but it seems that this function doesn't work. The reason I'm not comepletely sure is the that the script I'm testing still has 1-2 errors, and this seems to be one of them. I will locate it eventually, but I thought I'd ask in this forum about one of the likely candidates.

Has anyone used it, is it working for you?


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It is definitely not working.

I've received the 'unknown command print_big_str_color() on line 476'. BTW, my script has less than 230 lines.

This is one of the two remaining functions where integers can be printed (aside from the 2 debug print functions), so I'd really like it to be working.

Anyone else found this?


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Yes, I have found this problem too. Luckily, the string manipulation commands (along with print_str_color) are a workaround.

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Have you sent the bug to spiderweb yet?
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Found the error. Typo in my code. Note to be put on the editor support area:

print_big_str_color Has Wrong Name

The call print_big_str_color is actually called print_big_str_num. It works exactly like print_big_str_color, as described in the editor documentation.

- Jeff Vogel

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I just had an idea, Spiderweb...

How about coloured text bubbles? That is, text above creature's heads, coloured?

Apparently still annoying.
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