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AuthorTopic: Nothing loads anymore
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Now none of my scens load anything! They fail to load door.txt, guard.txt, town scripts, ALL of my scens just dont load anything anymore, and the files are in the correct folder! What is going on?!? :mad:
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More info: The Starter Town loads everything perfectly, it's just the towns I make that fail to load the correct scripts.
Where is jeff?
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Er, if you're waiting for Jeff, you may be waiting for some time. If you actually want him to take a look at it, the way to get him to do that is to compress the entire folder and e-mail it to him, but I wouldn't try that too often.

I have no idea what the problem is. Is the folder located inside the BoA Scenarios folder? Um... I don't know what else could be going wrong.

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"Er, if you're waiting for Jeff, you may be waiting for some time."


There are two possibilites for something like this. User error, in which case I don't have time to handhold every user over every thing.

Or a bug. And I usually don't suspect a bug until at least two people have identical problems and can E-mail me clear reports explaining the situation here. Which is not really the case here.

So GIFTSare2nice, good luck. And if you determine that you made an error, be sure to post what went wrong here so that others may benefit.

- Jeff Vogel

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