Edit and Playtest at same time?

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AuthorTopic: Edit and Playtest at same time?
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I'm the first to admit that I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to using the Scenario Editor, so please excuse my rather basic question...

What's the recommended way of making changes to, say, a town, and being able to quickly test out those changes? The BoA editor manual says (page 109):

You can edit a scenario while playing through it. It is often convenient to keep the editor open while playing through a new town, so you can make fixes immediately. Just bear in mind that changes made to a town or outdoor section won't be visible in the game until they town or section is reloaded (by loading a save file or leaving and reentering the area).
To my way of thinking, this means that you ought to be able to:

1. Create a saved game with a dummy party inside your town.

2. Run both BoA and the BoA editor at the same time.

3. Load your scenario into the editor, and make some changes to the town.

4. Save the scenario in the editor.

5. Switch back to BoA and load in your previously saved game.

6. See the changes you've made in your reloaded game.

Alas, this doesn't work, as the loaded game still shows the old version of the town before any changes were made. So what's the recommended way of quickly making changes to a town and being able to see those changes in BoA itself?


- Erik.

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I believe you need to save the party outside the town, then load and enter the town.

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Yes, you need to be outside of the town. You may also have to type SHIFT+. to reset towns.

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Yes, you need to be outside of the town.
Ah, so this is a mistake in the BoA editor manual -- it clearly says that just reloading a saved game will cause your changes to be visible.

Thanks for your help; I've figured out how to do this now...
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Just to play it safe, it is generally best to, after making a change, load a save file outside the town and enter the town. If the ONLY thing you change is a town script, reloading a save file will reload all the scripts in the town.

If you chance a scenario script (or scenario data script), loading a save file in that scenario will cause those changes to be loaded.

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