Win32 game graphics formats

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AuthorTopic: Win32 game graphics formats
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What file formats/resolutions are required for the game graphics?

In the Editor docs it mentions 8 bit <indexed> or 16 bit, why not 24 bit?. If it is 8 bit, this means the file has a palette, presumably it must match a standard BoA graphics palette. Where is the standard palette? Do we have to derive it ourselves from one of the graphics files, or is it the Win32 standard palette?

Resolution could range from 72 to 96 or greater in Win32, which is considered standard?


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Several of these questions are explicitly answered in the chapter on custom graphics. Of course, you can use any palette in a 256 color bitmap (as a brief inspection of custom graphics included with the game or a user-made scenairo would reveal).

The bit depth thing is, however, a tpyo. You can feed the game an 8 bit or a 24 bit graphic. In the Mac version, you can also use 16 bit graphics.

- Jeff Vogel

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