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Can corescendata2.txt be edited at all? Even adding a small change to a single item <adding a resistance for example> causes the program to hang frequently - often in non-repeatable ways, ie just walking around a town, opening a door etc.

I understand this data file is intended for everyone's use, but for me it is also a good place to test various things prior to use in a specific scenario.

Any insight appreciated, thx.
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I'd be willing to bet it's a problem with the particular change you made (i.e., some subtle bug in your code) rather than the fact that you made the change to corescendata2.

That said, changing the corescendata files is a pretty big no-no, if only from the "plays nicely with others" standpoint. It's really a simple matter to import a standard item and make changes to your copy of it. And then you don't have the horrible responsibility of trying to ensure your change works appropriately with every scenario that has been/will be written.

Even just for testing, I REALLY would recommend NOT changing the corescendata files. If nothing else, it's too easy to forget which changes are in your corescendata files and which are in the right place, when it comes time to send it off to your betatesters. Unless you really want to field angry emails about all the stuff that just flat doesn't work. :)

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