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AuthorTopic: Potion Questions
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The documentation for the editor states that Alchemy Recipe #16 is for Knowledge Brew:

0 - Healing Potion
1 - Curing Potion
2 - Hasting Potion
3 - Energy Potion
4 - Strength Potion
5 - Graymold Salve
6 - Balm of Life
7 - Healing Elixir
8 - Hasting Elixir
9 - Energy Elixir
10 - Rogue’s Elixir
11 - Strength Elixir
12 - Bliss Elixir
13 - Restoration Brew
14 - Protection Brew
15 - Heroic Brew
16 - Knowledge Brew

However, I visited a shop that offers all 17 recipes, yet the last one is Invulnerablity Elixir, not Knowledge Brew.

It seems that it's not possible to learn Knowledge Brew at all in the game — the only way you can acquire them is by finding or buying individual vials within the scenario.

Was this a last-minute change to make skill points more valuable?

Also, I've noticed that when you sit down to make a whole batch of potions you can only make three or four (I forget how many exactly) before you are unable to make any more — each attempt after that fails with a 66% change or something like that. Your potion making skill seems to have no effect on this, nor does the amount of ingredients.

Was this feature put into the game to reflect the fatigue of the person making the potions? In my opinion it's a welcome addition, and makes the game more realistic. There's no way a person could sit down and more 3 dozen graymold salve batches in one sitting, no matter how many ingredients he had. Making potions must be nerve-wracking work, fiddling around with dangerous chemicals. I'd certainly get very tired very quickly, that's for sure!

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I just tried this, and the last one is an Invulnerability Potion recipe (not Elixir, but Potion).

I added some recipes after that (17, 18, 19), and oddly enough, they showed up in the store, and I could buy them, but they were just the text strings that describe the potions, starting with the Healing Potion (so for 900, you can buy the text string "Recipe: Heals damage," which does nothing). This sounds like a tidbit for the next edition of "Things That Work."

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