Windows v1.0.1 editor out.

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AuthorTopic: Windows v1.0.1 editor out.
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Just updated the editor for Windows BoA to v1.0.1. Cut/Copy/Paste were broken in v1.0.

- Jeff Vogel

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Er, on the workshop page I still see version 1.0 listed for the windows version.

Download Blades of Avernum Scenario Editor

Blades of Avernum Editor For Macintosh v1.1 (4.9 MB)
Blades of Avernum Editor For Windows v1.0 (4.9 MB)

Or the newer file *is* there, just the page isn't updated. :D

Thank you --- James

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Spidweb, how about providing EXE-only for those who have already downloaded the original?

Apparently still annoying.
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