are cloaks not "equipped"?

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AuthorTopic: are cloaks not "equipped"?
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When I call char_has_item_of_class_equip() with a class I gave a particular type of cloak, it's always returning FALSE, even when it should (to my thinking, at least) return TRUE. I know the class of my custom item is set right, because a check of has_item_of_class() behaves correctly.

So... is a cloak not considered "equipped" when it's being worn? Or do I have some insidious bug somewhere that's disguising itself as this call not working properly?

EDIT: I've coded around this by directly checking item_type_in_slot() for slot 10 (which answers the 'insidious bug' question). Still, I'd be interested in knowing if cloaks are not considered "equipped" or if the call is broken.

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This call is indeed broken. It will be unbroken for the new scenario format.

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