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AuthorTopic: Item List?
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I've looked through the documentation, appendices, cookbook, etc. I can't find a simple list of all the items and monsters in the games. You know-- just a list with the associated numbers so when you are, for instance, putting items in your shops, you don't have to keep looking in the game pull down menus to figure out what the numbers are.

Does this list exist anywhere? It seems like it really should have been in the appendices.
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Hi Magpie,

It sounds to me like you've just made a request for the cookbook! That's a great idea -- I'll add it to the cookbook when I get the chance.

By the way, you *can* get a list of the standard items by looking in the "I1", etc, menus within the BoA editor. The number of each item is sitting beside the name. I agree, though, that this isn't the most obvious or easiest way to find the number for an item, so I'll add it to the cookbook as well.
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Corescendata2 is also an item list.

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Drakefyre- thanks for the tip. I took that list and made a simpler list of just the items and their numbers.

Erik- would you like a copy of this list? It's in Word.
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