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AuthorTopic: Use of NPCs
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How can NPCs be related to scenario plots? Having them just to give some stupid mission and sit in safety themselves isn't really intresting, isn't it? Any ideas of how to use them more creatively are welcome. Also, if someone has some fancy behavior scripts for NPCs in the players side, could you post them here, please?

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Well, what can you think of that you could do with an NPC? You could.. a kidnapping.
..make the plot revolve around the NPC, and make having the NPC essential for completing the scenario (e.g. NPC only has the magic key to unlock a door, or has vital information)

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I'm moving this to the scenario editor forum.

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You could make the scenario more of a character-interaction scenario than an a combat scenario. For example, think of the politics between the faction leaders in Geneforge, but turn it up a bit, and reduce everything else, and add a few more in. I haven't actually played any BoE scenarios, but from what i hear of it, Election could be comparable.

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See my 'Bob' article.

You can do just about anything with an NPC. It's up to you to decide what.

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