Avernum Annotated Maps - Avernum 2

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AuthorTopic: Avernum Annotated Maps - Avernum 2
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I've started work on a complete set of maps for Avernum 2.
First I am running through to collect the actual maps, later I will be annotating like the AAM for Avernum by Silver.

If anyone has any screenshots with completed automaps they could contribute, that would help and allow me to do the more time consuming annotating more easily.

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Avernum 2 AM Status
- Maps - Tomb of Dahris-Bok
- Annotation - Fort Draco/Ganrick Spider/Areana Caves
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I have got maps of all towns and dungeons and outdoor maps for chapters 1, 2 and 3 and a part of the rest of Avernum.

My approach to the walkthrough is different from Silver Harloe's, see the Dark Waters wihich is almost complete.

I will send an email to Kryten tomorrow (if I do not forget).

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Look forward to using it!

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