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I know I've seen it somewhere, but I can't find it now. What is the Avernum Calendar and what are the 'special' days?
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Rememberance 1: Avernum's birth. Training doesn't cost any gold.
Suncome 15: High alignment. Melee attacks do double damage.
Radiane 14: The day of recall. All shops are closed.
Empire 8: Night of vengenance. All melee weapons are cheaper.
Leafloss: No holiday
Icefall 1: Low alignment. Melee attacks do half damage.
Frost 29: Battle Eve. All spells are cheaper.
Evermoon 3: The Terror. More wandering encounters.

—Alorael, who owes this post to a combination of Seletine and the Encyclopedia Ermariana.
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Thank you, kind sir.
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