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How do you get the mission for the suspicias package, so i can give it to kendra and meet the thieves guild.

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Go to Shayder on the Isle of Bigail. Talk to the innkeeper until the conversation turns toward the shifty man in the corner. Make sure she tells you that he's looking for some help. Then talk to the man about the package.

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Be warned this is not a good act and you will lose reputation for it. Also if you try to join the Anama with the fake rings you will never be allowed to join EVER. and if you join the Chourch of Divine Lucre you reputation will dwindle.
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Are you sure delivering the package harms your reputation? I know picking fights with Lorelei's guards over the package does, but you can go around them.

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I also cannot remember loosing reputation for delivering the package to Kendra. You do however loose reputation if you
get caught with scribane by any guards around Lorelei; so you should approach it from the north or (if you have the Orb of Thralni) from the giant lands to the SE or (the easiest way) use the teleporter in Ernest's hut.steal Paula's package in Delisgive Ivanova the book you stole from Ernest - stealing it only gets you sent to the Drake Cavejoin the Church of Divine LucreThe only disadvantage of the fake Anama rings is that you cannot read the spell tomes in the restricted area of the Anama Temple. I usually buy the fake rings and when I have done everything which need them, get rid of them by praying at the altar in Shayder.

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