Avernum 3 : is killing Rentar-Ihrno...

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 3 : is killing Rentar-Ihrno...
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...possible at all?
Her energy shield absorbs any magical/physical blow I try to land on her...
Also, I have already been teleported back to the entrance twice after she spotted me near the controls, but nothing seems to really change...
Any help would be appreciated...
Thank you.
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It is indeed possible with multiple saves/reloads. Summoned creatures like demons can do 1 or 2 points of damage to her. I've done it before and you get no special thing out of it other than the pride to say you've killed her.

EDIT: oh yeah, she stops teleporting you eventually.

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In case it's not clear, you have to keep going at the controls until she stops teleporting you away, and then you have to use them. Killing R-I is not the point.

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Yes killing her is the point, a boring point, but nonetheless a necessity. Do it! Do it!!

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Make sure you've set all the beams correctly (there are ten of them), or you'll keep getting teleported back indefinitely.

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Have you gotten the boon from Ericka because if you didn't she'll teleport you away and you will have to get to the controls 5 times. when you get there you have to press certian buttons and then the ending will start.
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Originally written by VCH:

Yes killing her is the point, a boring point, but nonetheless a necessity. Do it! Do it!!
If you kill her it would SPOILER! because SPOILER! If you want to kill her SPOILER! To see the spoilers, move your cursor over the spoiler and look at the bottom of the screen. ;)
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