Avernum 2

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E3 and A4 have rating topics. We've got to keep going. :P

I liked it about as much as E3 for some reason, and I liked it better than most BoA scenarios. I will give it the same rating as Exile III, 8.0

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It gets a 9.0 from me. I can justify giving it an 8.0 or 8.5 by how it's set up, and between the added quest log and Dark Waters I feel justified in giving it a round 9.

Will this earn me the disgust of a significant portion of the Blades community? Probably. I still happen to enjoy A2 a lot.

—Alorael, who thinks of A2 is the zenith of the mostly plotless but highly detailed and well designed wandering, questing, and slaughtering RPG subgenre.
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