Avernum I "DEBUG" mode?

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AuthorTopic: Avernum I "DEBUG" mode?
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Anyone know what's up with the "DEBUG" mode in Avernum I? I think I entered by hitting the caps lock key (MacOS 10.4.5) accidentally, then the "e" key when I tried to exit combat. Everytime I accessed the "e" key the following text was displayed, in bold red text "DEBUG: ADD XP." When I tried to look into a container with the "L" key it read ""DEBUG: GET AN ITEM."

I can't replicate it, so I'm guessing it resulted from hitting the caps lock key.

Game seems fine, just curious.

- Joel
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Wouldn't surprise me. Lots of SW games have debug commands that can be accessed by typing an uppercase letter.

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Yeah, I believe the customary way of triggering it is "shift+(whatever letter)", but I suppose caps lock would have the same effect.

Try other letters and see what you get. :D

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