black shades and prison of Grah-Hoth

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AuthorTopic: black shades and prison of Grah-Hoth
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i have seen,or should i say havent seen cus theyre invisible,in prison of Grah-Hoth and couple of other places,in prison i also met invisible warriors or something like that,how am i supposed to kill them?,also i readed from Walkthrough how to disable defences in prison,even thou i touch rune shades and other enemys still attack me,is it bug or doesent that rune have anything to do with them?
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Black Shades and Guardians can't be targeted with ranged weapons or spells. That means you have to figure out where they are from who they attack and then have your warriors attack them. A hint for Black Shades: they love casting Slow, and the beam will show you where they are.

The runes deactivate defenses, but not enemies. You'll still have to wade through piles of enemies to get anywhere.

—Alorael, who wishes you the best of luck in invisible enemy detection.
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As a quick note, if there are any invisible monsters who seem to be stuck inside of pillars or walls, do not try to attack them. Avoid being next to them, and they are invincible to you.

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Damn, and i though I have bad grammar...
When I played that part of the game, I stupidily killed all the shades, incredibly difficult because in avernum you can't target invisible units, not even the ground. And the area spells are gone, what makes it more difficult.
Anyway I don't remember very well that part.
...I remember a throne...
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maybe im having a mix of dungeons here... :rolleyes:
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