teleported to get orb...can't get out

AuthorTopic: teleported to get orb...can't get out
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fought soldiers at arrival platform and exited S. ... headed W and found short bypass at far wall, but cannot get out of the forest because of the trees...Help? :(
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There should be enough gaps in the trees to get you where you need to go. Try looking more carefully. Your goal is a town on the coast of the big lake.

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Obligatory piece of advice when navigating forests or similar: you can move diagonally. You wouldn't believe how many people forget this.

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Thanks!!! I have been using my laptop directional keys. I got my characters to level 17 and to the end of shareware game and did not know you move diagonally!!! :P This will take the game to a whole new level of abilities for me. Again, Thanks!
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