A2 - Derlin-Bok's tomb - a madman's curse for players.

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AuthorTopic: A2 - Derlin-Bok's tomb - a madman's curse for players.
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I tried all morning to get all the levers in the right position but can't do that unless i get out and around the tower but once i do that the levers change and i have to do it all over again. It drives me crazy!!! Ahhhh

Please help me if you can.

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I don't remember why they changed.

The ones that you have to flip are the ones hidden in the NW and the SE corners. Don't mess with the other two corners. (maybe that's why they kept resetting thsemvels?)

Good luck.

(BTW, he's one tough banana, are you ready for him?)


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Well Dragonator why don't you download and the A2 FAQ?

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None of the levers will change the position of other levers when pulled, but all the levers reset themselves when you leave the tomb. To reach all the levers without exiting the tomb, search for secret passages. At least one passage is blocked by a magic barrier, so you may need the Dispel Barrier spell.


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It is not a smart idea to leave there, or else you wind up with the dread curse.

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