Is it just me?

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AuthorTopic: Is it just me?
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We were talking in class the other day about the story of Orpheus. My teacher gave a broad explanation of Hades, and the Greeks' idea of death. If memory serves, he mentioned that the cave leading to the underworld was called "Avernus." I think this has some connection to Avernum. "Brilliant, Eintein!" I know that is what most of you are thinking. I just wondered if everyone else knew this, or if everyone didn't.

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I'm fairly sure that Jeff Vogel mentioned somewhere that he got the name Avernum from the mythical Avernus (Avernus was taken by a rock band or something). Probably in one of those interviews he did.

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Doesn't A1's manual mention it?

EDIT: From the BoA manual, Chapter 2, "The World of Avernum":

"According to mythology, Avernum is a gateway, the portal leading to the underworld". I think A1 gave a more detailed explanation.

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Wikipedia on Hades mentions, "In Roman mythology, an entrance to the underworld located at Avernus, a crater near Cumae, was the route Aeneas used to descend to the Underworld. By synecdoche, 'Avernus' could be substituted for the underworld as a whole." In fact, Avernus is so significant that it gets an entire page devoted to it.

That's pretty neato. I didn't know that. I thought Jeff just made up the bit about it being a name for the underworld.

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There's also Lake Avernus or Averno, which proves that the gateway to the underworld can also be a nice tourist trap.

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