Ghrika Silence (Avernum 3)

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AuthorTopic: Ghrika Silence (Avernum 3)
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It's been a long time since I played A3, and I um.. Kinda forgot somethin'. I've just solved the golem plague, bringing my plague decapitation rate to 4/5. Obviously the remaining plague is the alien beast thing. Anyway, if I can remember correctly, at this point in the game isn't Ghrika suppose to change? I thought I could remember fighting some efreet in there... I could be wrong though! If I'm not... What do I have to do to change Ghrika?
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You need to grab the Mind Crystal shards and show them to Berra in Fort Emergence, who will then tell you that the Vahnatai are behind the plague(s).

Then you can go to Ghikra and see that the Vahnatai have left because they discovered your discovering of their secret! The Efreeti and such will appear, and you can go on to win the game, eventually.

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