Why are certain level 1 spells not available?

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AuthorTopic: Why are certain level 1 spells not available?
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pardon my obvious question. But why the heck did you guys create a game with spells missing?

I just started playing the demo last week and after searching high and low discovered there is no Dispel Barrier 1 spell?

I also think I am correct in noticing there are several other spells that are unattainable for the same reason.

If you didnt want us to have it why give at least 2 opportunities to learn lvl2 and lvl3 versions of it but deny the lvl1 spell?

Why not just leave the spell out of AV3, instead of teasing us with the spell books we cant use? And leave us as you did with the crystals and scrolls???


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You can get Dispel Barrier in Squiggus. That's in the southeast of Valorim, due north of Storm Port.

All spells are available in the game.

EDIT: Ach, that's level 3. Hold on. You can also get level 3 from Ernest, but let me see where you can get a lower level. I know you can get it because I did.

EDIT 2: I can't find level 1, but you can get level 2 from the spellbook in Sharimik after completing the mayor's quest... you don't need to know it at level 1 to get it at level 2... I don't know what the problem is.

Specifically, after you complete the troglo quest and bring the Troglo King's message back to Mayor Knight, he tells you to read a spellbook. That spellbook is southeast of him behind a door in the library. That spellbook will give you Dispel Barrier at level 2.

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You can get every spell. You can't get every spell at level 1 in A3 (level 1 is basically just a leftover from A1 and A2), but you can always get level 2, and that's good enough to let you learn level 3.

Sometimes it's easier to find level 3 than lower levels, but that doesn't do you much good. Rest assured that all spells can be obtained, although I'm not sure that all of them can be found in a dungeon, town, or cave. Sometimes you have to hand over your cash to one of the mages who can teach you.

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As far as I can remember, you don't get dispel barrier in the demo, but later on in the game, behind the demo-demon.

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Oh, right. I missed that critical word "demo."

Obviously not everything is available in the demo. That's why it's not the full version. To get Dispel Barrier and several other spells, you need to register A3. In general, it's the high level spells you won't find.

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Okay my bad...

I misunderstood. I thought you MUST learn them at lvl 1 to start.

Thanks for the clarification.

I never heard of Avernum till 3 so I didnt know about the earlier versions until I saw AV3.

I like the game kinda like the old AD&D games that had 6 players, but 4 characters is easier to play imho. 6 took too long to manage in combat.

I was wondering is there a Bank in AV3? or if you get the Manse Mansion can you leave stuff there?

Does stuff ever "evaporate" if you leave it on the ground in cities?
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You can leave stuff anywhere and it will still be there when you come back. This means that you can clean all the loot out of a given area in several trips, which can be handy.

The exception is that too much stuff on the ground will cause some things to disappear simply because A3 can't "remember" an endless number of items. The limit is quite high, and I've heard more worthless items vanish first, so don't worry about it.

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Nan, the Mage in the port town north of Fort Emergence, will sell you a scroll of Dispel Barrier. Since you don't have to complete any quests or cross any water to buy the scroll, I believe you can get it even in the demo. If so inclined, you could sell the scroll to Levy in Fort E and then buy back an unlimited supply of them, thereby bypassing the need to learn the Dispel Barrier spell at all.

In the registered game, joining the Anama gives you access to a cheap supply of piercing crystals, and those dispel barriers and unlock doors.

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you dont really need to register to join anama. Just say yes to all the things they will preach around the isle of bigail & then go to the priest Ahonar in Shaydar, & presto! you are In. However joining Anama means good bye to Mage spells. So you can trick them. Keep back the mage(s) in fort emergence (there is a room that holds back characters) then go to bigail, join anama & return. Take your mage, & voila! you have a mage Anama member. Use that idea of hold back to acquire high level members of your team, like Falko at Krizsan & Hsska at upper av.

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