A2 Dread Curse

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AuthorTopic: A2 Dread Curse
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I managed to receive a Dread Curse from some evil witches. I travelled around with it for a while, until a priest somewhere told me to see if the Tower of Magi could help me out. But before I ended up there, the curse had mysteriously disappeared. Could this have been from, say, praying at the statue in Gnass? If so, would I have received some sort of nice blessing if I hadn't been cursed at the time? If I find out I missed something nice like that, I'll be a bit upset...

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To the best of my knowledge, all that the shrine in Gnass does is remove bad effects. I had no idea it would take away a Dread Curse, but that sounds plausible. It also has a Divine Restoration-type effect of raising one's health past the maximum level. As far as I can tell, it has no significant positive effects, though, nothing that you would have missed.

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One quick comment- make sure you've checked your skills thoroughly. You may still have the dread curse but it might be hidden by other skills. Be sure to scroll down all of the way to check your skills.

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