Empire's communication orb [Scimitar 1st quest] - where?

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AuthorTopic: Empire's communication orb [Scimitar 1st quest] - where?
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I got the quest from Bargha to destroy the surfacers' communication orb. It tells that orb is somewhere "in southwest corner of Scree Pits, east of Fort Spire".
I've searched that place, but only found a Gremlin Cave in southern corner. Inside, there really are gremlins, but no soldiers or orbs. Could anyone tell me where should I seek it?
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There is a secret passage. Go to the far northeastern part of the gremlin area and search the western wall. You'll find a portal.

Er, and if you want a map, this will show you (although it contains mucho spoilers).

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Thanks, found it.

(BTW, I never expected there exists such ultra-detailed walkthrough as on silverchat)
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