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AuthorTopic: Ancient Crypt A.1
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I cant get out of the ancient crypt inbetween dragon and draco

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ya man am stuck there as well. i think that it opeans on the first day of every month...but exactly HOW many days does a month in avernu HAVE?more than 35 for sure.

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If you are outside of the crypt and can't get in, wait until the first day of any month, and then try again. If you have Unlock Doors level 3, you can get in whenever you want. Each month in Avernum has 35 days if I remember correctly.

If you are in the crypt and can't get out, drink from the enlightening pool in the crypt and head for the door straight away. You should be able to unlock the door from the inside if you are enlightened.

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The pool is by the West wall, and you won't be able to reach the door unless you move diagonally, in case you didn't know.

Don't forget to search everything before you leave. You have to wait 30+ days for each chance unless you get Unlock Doors lvl 3. I think there is a really nice weapon inside along with, 'Shadow Leather'?

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Shadow leather can be worn while casting mage spells. If your mage is a natural mage (as he should be) it sucks.

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