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I'm playing the demo and getting wasted away in the Crystal Mine. Is there anything I can do to resist or overcome the health drain in that location?
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Move around in combat mode if you are being to heavily drained. Combat mode being turn based prevents you from dying from just standing around.

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Collecting a lot of energy resistance items will help too; you can get enough that the damage drops to next to nothing. Failing that, combat mode is definitely the key. It not only greatly slows your rate of getting damaged, compared to how fast you can cover ground, but allows you to heal yourself. The energy damage gets worse the farther in you go, though, and those Specter Sages are not wimps, either. It's a dangerous area, if you go the whole way, but you need the Black Crystal Powder for the All-Protector, and the crystals you can pluck off the spires are worth a mint. They get so heavy, though, that encumbrance will make the combat mode trick ineffective, and you may have to wait until you've collected a lot energy resistance before gathering them all.

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