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AuthorTopic: Registration in OSX
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I've switched the game from OS 9.2 to OS 10.3 and can no longer register. Any ideas out there?
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If you've paid and registered, seems that they would give you a new reg code if you asked nicely and explained the upgrade. Have you tried contacting spiderweb?
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I'm undergoing the same process and started a topic over here.

I've run into some unexpected downloading trouble, though, so have started experiments with the game files I already have. Plugging the preferences files into the appropriate folders seems to work as far as keeping your registration goes, but there are some unusual things that happened with the applications that I'm still trying to figure out. I'm not sure if thing seem different just because it's on a different computer, or if the program has been unbalanced somehow in the transferring process. The main thing is that all the colors are too dark, but I'm also having this problem with most of my JPGs, so who knows? By the end of the week I'll be bald from tearing all my hair out...

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John, in case you can't get it to work, I don't think they would have a problem giving you a new registration code, if you tell them your old one.

Something similar happened to me, but with a PC. I don't remember what the exact problem was that I had, this was years ago (okay, so that wasn't very helpful. Sorry for the lack of details, but I do know that I had a registered copy once of one of their games, I did something stupid and the registration was lost so I had to download another copy. Anyway, after calling them explaining the problem, they were fine with it.)

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