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AuthorTopic: Gazak-Uss
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Hi there, I've now finished the game twice, and pretty thoroughly exlpored all areas, but I haven't managed to get into the lower(inner) levels of Gazak-Uss... is it possible?
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Well, I suppose you want more of an answer than that. You need three broken crystal pieces, one in each area of Benerii-Uss. The FAQ in the header to these boards has info on each crystal piece in the entries on each area of Benerii-Uss.

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my bad. I had two of the pieces already anyway!!

it's a good thing I asked this question as 'guest'

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I am a relatively low level (26 or so), but i wanted to try to kill the battle gamma for the skin. While pressing the post in the hermit canyon will open the first door and release the rogthroth, it won't open the second door. How do I get to the battle gamma?
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There are two posts.
One for each door.

Have fun
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