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AuthorTopic: Rad. College Drayk
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Where in the Radiant College is the create drayk cannister?
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There isn't a Create Drayk canister in the Radiant College, but you can purchase 2 points of Create Drayk from Fenen if you're a Barzite or have enough Leadership(5 points).

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Well, according to the hintbook there is a non-teacher way to learn create drayk at the radiant college.

The reason I ask is my character found the canister of create drayk at Zhass-Uss outskirts before he found someone who would teach him, so the teachers will only teach me one more level. I do not want to join the Barzites, so does that mean I will never be able to make Cryodrayks?
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Seletine has informed me that there is a canister in Rising. Give that area a thorough look. Additionally, I think some of the teachers may be able to teach you up to third level.

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Beyond that, the Taker research center (don't remember the name) also contains a canister which increases Create Drayk.

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