Essence Pods?

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AuthorTopic: Essence Pods?
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What exactly are these supposed to do? When I use one I get the numbers to go up *very* slightly, although the description indicates an essence increase of over 25. Which of the 2 numbers (n/n) is this supposed to affect (or both)? Thanks.
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First off, you have 3 bars. A health bar, a "magic" bar, and an essence bar. Magic is the base for all spells. Essence is secondary. You may need some for spells. Essence is usually for creations. Magic is the green bar. You won't find any potions regenrating this because that bar regenerates at a pretty rapid rate.

Now for the essence part. The pods help you regenerate your essence. It probably only goes up a little because that can be your maximum amount. When you create creatures, the essence used for them goes away from your total amount. So say you made a Fyora worth 13 essence and your total essence was 53. Once you make the fyora, your total essence will be 40. You can't go more until your creation dies or you absorb it.

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