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where are the three canister of the drakons?

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There are four drakon canisters in the game:

1. Shath's Waste, after testing the three creations for Shath.
2. Benerii-Uss Entry, after pulling a lever somewhere else on the level.
3. Benerii-Uss Holding. If I remember correctly, this one is in the drakon holding area in the NW.
4. Inner Gazak-Uss. Kill the freakish spawner, and then go through the passage beyond it.

In addition, Barzites and Takers can buy 2 points of Create Drakon in the game, from Burham in the Radiant College and Salgurdar in Benerii-Uss Shaping respectively. Both are hostile if you aren't allied with their faction. You need to have been modified before you can buy these points.

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