Killing the Drayk and Icy Spectres in the Crystal Caverns?

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AuthorTopic: Killing the Drayk and Icy Spectres in the Crystal Caverns?
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Heya, I have an agent, and I was wondering about what level of skill I need to have to be able to hit and damage those icy spectres and the drayk? Also, what skills and items help me resist the attacks that lower my movement points, so I cant run or hit back? Thanks!
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The AP point reducers are often mental magic- Or it happens when you get hit really hard.
So the best way to prevent this is to stun the enemy first. As far as resisting them I think that mental magic and intelligence help you against the daze spells and the endurance helps you with the stun attacks. I would suggest not attacking the Drayk and Ice Specters because there is an easier way to achieve your goal here. However, if you want, you can forget about this quest for a while and keep playing till you are able to kill, say one of the leaders, and then you shouldn't have to much trouble with the rogue drayk here.
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If all you want from the drayk is his crystal, you can talk him into giving it up if you have enough Leadership (I think I had about 6 when I did it). It saves you the trouble of fighting.
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Avernite12 has this to say:

Indeed, one who is lacking a high level party of creatures or is not using a trainer, or other MOD should not attempt to fight the drayk or steal any crystals within the cave EXCEPT the one you find on the body in the cave.

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U can kill him when you can create battle alpha
just attack him (without talking to him)the just use the dbugkill cheat if your not a cheater just get his crystal by talking to him

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what are you talking about? "you shouldn't attempt to kill it without a high level party or trainer or other MODs"??? I killed it with no higher level then the unregistered version with 2 Thahds and 2 Fyora. all of them extremely weak, and died in one hit from the Drayk. however, being an agent was a mistake in my opinion, they have to be the weakest class around, so i would suggest the leadership trick.

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If your strategy revolves around creations, then of course you think the Agent is weak. Many people say Agents are the most powerful class, but with them you should try to avoid making creations at all. You certainly shouldn't have 4 of them.

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well one way is too use dbugkill after pressing shift+d that kill them really fast if you like cheats here you go. ;)

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