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You need to talk to the Septagenurian Eskimo locked in one of the chests in the Power Core. If you have a Leadership of 0, he will give you the Xian Servant Mind. Then, you kill him by having seven of your Pyroroamers attack him and explode on him, and get the broken goggles he drops.

Pretend to fix them and give them to Trajkov, saying they are fixed. He will try to go swimming in the Geneforge, and then quickly throw the Xian Servant Mind in, causing the Geneforge to congeal into a credit card.

Use it to lever up all the ovens in Kazg. One of them will be a secret passage leading to the cellar full of undead in RoR-BoA. From there, take the train underneath the prison back to New Formello in E3.

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I don't think that it is just a leadership of zero needed- I have that and he sent me on a mission for whaleskin tights- wherever you get those. I just hope that I don't have to wear them....
Are there any other unusual stats that you have that might let you skip this mission? I just don't even want to see him with that whaleskin on- Silly Eskimo.
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The whaleskin tights might be a red herring -- I haven't found a pair anywhere. I've done some testing, though, and it seems as if any whale-related item will satisfy his first quest. Dallerdin probably already had Ellhrah's whalebone corset. If you didn't join the Takers and complete the mission to steal it, you could try buying some ambergris instead. I forget where it's sold, though.

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