Hey guys, a few questions...

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AuthorTopic: Hey guys, a few questions...
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1) Where do you get 3 points of CREATE GLAAHK? I want to create both a terror vlish and an UR-glaahk...
2)What should I do? Shanti is dead...What can I do?
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I don't remember the first offhand (someone else?), but as for the second, just keep exploring. Once you get considerably farther west, you'll find her body and then her killer. What you do then is up to you.

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You can purchase up to two points in Create Glaahk at the Loyalist Encampment(Loyalists and nonaligned only), in the Upper Research Hall(Loyalists only), in Phariton's Hall(nonaligned only), or from Fenen in the Radiant College; you may need to have 5 points in Leadership before Fenen will teach you how. There is also a canister of Create Glaahk in the Demonic Depot. You won't be able to reach that canister anytime soon.

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