Where is the Geneforge?

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AuthorTopic: Where is the Geneforge?
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Barzharl has ask me to find the Geneforge and destroy it but where is it?
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Where do you find all three of the broken crystal pieces to open the door to inner Gazak-Uss? And how do you open the door in Beneri-Uss holding, the one that has a message that pops into the screen and says that there is no way to open it?
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I haven't played to that point, but I'd guess that if a message says you can't open the door, then you can't and you have to find another way. Though it might be the door you can never get through in the game.

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That door can't be opened.

The Geneforge is in the area called "The Geneforge," which is south of Benerii-Uss Holding and east of Benerii-Uss Shaping. You can get the key in either by killing Akkat or searching a cabinet in Benerii-Uss Holding.

The three crystal shards are in each area of Benerii-Uss (Shaping, Holding, and the Geneforge).

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