I know I'm annoying but help me!

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AuthorTopic: I know I'm annoying but help me!
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1) What is the key for the outer Gazak-Uss?
2) What does the building with 4 locked doors in Shath's waste for?
3) What is the second form of a Drakon?
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Um...I think the next form of a drakon is a cyrodrakon. But I could be mistaken. It's been awhile.

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1. From Schro's walkthrough (link at the top of this forum):
"Q: How do I get into Gazak-Uss?
A: First talk with the hermit to the SW. This gets you into outer
Gazak-Uss. Then collect 3 broken crystal pieces- this gets you into
inner Gazak-Uss. "

2. I forget which one this is, but Schro's walkthrough will probably tell you what you want to know. Look for the part with the heading "Shath's Wastes."

3. Ur-Drakon. The thing looks even crazier than a regular drakon.

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The central building houses the machine that disturbs creations. To get in there is a lever in the same building as Shath :)
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