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AuthorTopic: Help me!
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1)Where do I find purified essence?
2)How do I get 1 point of CREATE DRAYK?
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You can find the purified essence in Sharon's grove. You'll have to finish a quest for her, then she'll give you a bracelet and access to her grove.
There you'll fight a series of battles, each progressively tougher.
The last one is a toughie. Save. Be prepared.
After that you'll get the essence.

As for your second question. There are a few cannisters. I remember one was in the Radiant College, but not quite where exactly. Sorry.


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You can also find the purified essence in Phariton's Hall, and the other two places where you can get Create Drayk are in Rising and Zhass-Uss Outskirts. I'm getting this out of the hint book, though, so I have no idea where in those locations one gets these things, though.

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The Create Drayk canister in Rising is in Barzahl's room; you need to be a Barzite to reach it. In the Zhass-Uss Outskirts, the canister is in a building to the southeast; it is guarded by a drakon and a rothgroth. You can also buy Create Drayk from Fenen in the Radiant College, and from Phariton in Phariton's Hall. Phariton will only teach you if you are nonaligned, and requires that you complete a quest first.

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