- Whats your Main Characters Stats?

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AuthorTopic: - Whats your Main Characters Stats?
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-Whats the stats of your main character, the best one, you know, high level, succesful, 1337 :D
Ok ill start with mine, I wanto know how u guys do it so ill list my chars stats:
-Player Char Stats
Name: NuZZ
Race: Gaurdian
Sect/faction: Takers
Finished game: No - Allmost
-Char stats
Level: 39
Statistic Points:
Strength: 11
Dex: 9
Intelect: 8
Endurence: 12
N R G = 126 (around)
E S S = 190 (around)
H P = not quite sure, 300+
-Killed all Awakened, Barzites and most of the other little cults like that CHOSEN ONE
-I have found nearly every thing on the map... Theres probably more though.
Ehh well lets see ur 1337 char!

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