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Josip Tito: I broke Kel's HLPM. :P
Ioseb J---: Oh?
Josip Tito: Yes. I discovered a fairly crippling bug.
Josip Tito: It arises out of the fact that BoA's engine treats spells and recipies as items in shops.
Ioseb J---: Ah.
Josip Tito: It means, for instance, that if you go through the Level Builder twice, the shops have twice the number of levels of spells.
Ioseb J---: Weird.
Josip Tito: So if previously you could only get the spell at level 2, you could now get it at level 4.
Josip Tito: It happens because BoA's advertised features fall short.
Ioseb J---: Ah.
Ioseb J---: Just get Jeff to fix it.
Josip Tito: Pff. :P
Ioseb J---: I'm sure he'd do it if you asked him.
Ioseb J---: Make a post about it.
Josip Tito: Yes, but we'd have to wait a few months until the next update.
Ioseb J---: Explain what happens and what should happen, and I'm sure he'll attend to it promptly and release a patch.
Ioseb J---: He's a responsible businessman, and I'm sure he'll listen to his customers.
Ioseb J---: I mean, I've heard all this stuff about how he's turned over a new leaf with BoA, and he's decided to start listening to the people who paid a hefty price for his software.
Ioseb J---: Are you telling me that all this optimism and trust in a man who's shown repeatedly that he neither understands nor cares about his customers was misplaced?
Josip Tito: Well, when you put it like that, I suppose I should just leave it in his hands to fix the editor.
Josip Tito: I mean, how long am I realistically going to have to wait?
Ioseb J---: It couldn't possibly be something like six years. Or forever.
Josip Tito: (and I don't want to hear any jokes about BoG - because we all know that Jeff's not the kind of guy to bleed a franchise dry)
Josip Tito: No, I'm sure he won't announce lockdown on this product in the next, oh, two months.
Ioseb J---: Because every good developer knows work on a major product is never done, and feature enhancements and bug fixes are the way to gain repeat customers.
Josip Tito: Oh, you don't have to tell that to the likes of Jeff. I mean, just look at his track record.
Josip Tito: Granted, he might have been a little slack on BoE, but I think we were all a little hard on him about that.
Ioseb J---: I know! Crippling bugs and missing advertised features are no reason to force his dozens, perhaps hundreds of customers to download a couple megabytes in bug fixes. And imagine the compatibility issues if someone actually tried to use a feature that was claimed to work?
Josip Tito: Yeah. They are all very good reasons for putting idiotic players who are too dense to look on the web for updates above hard working designers.
Ioseb J---: Definitely. I mean, what do those designers think they are? Paying customers who provide hours of superior play value for free, thus making purchases of Jeff's game worthwhile? Do they really think that they contribute to, nay, are the primary reason for Jeff Vogel's sales of Blades?
Josip Tito: After all, the prime base of Vogel's sale is eight year old kids - and what do they want with complicated (not to mention interesting) plot lines. Za Khazi Run is good enough for them!
Ioseb J---: Exactly! There's no way any designers, no matter how highly educated, intelligent, creative, and devoted they are, could ever make a scenario as good as Bandit Busywork!
Josip Tito: Bandits Busywork gave the player exactly what they wanted - plain, simple, easy fun without having to do any laborious thinking.
Ioseb J---: Because people don't like tactics, or plot, or good town design! They just want to go hack up some baddies and score some "phat lewts!"
Josip Tito: I know I'd much rather play BoE than any other commercial RPG for the sole reason that I am in much need of said phat lewts.
Ioseb J---: God bless Jeff Vogel and his wondrous skill at crafting games! Hail him for his amazing and cunning business model of advertising the moon and selling hunks of green cheese! I am in awe at his ability to scam pre-teens and their parents out of their hard-earned money for constant retreads of the same material!
Josip Tito: I mean, what is the point of a capitalist state if not to try and steal money off kids?

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(I am going to Spam. I don't care)

Andrea: Thank you. Thank you very much.


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Uh, this might be better done condensed, indented, and sent to Jeff.

But do tell, what is the main error with the spells now?

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The bug it refers to is this.

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*sniff* Djur, that was beautiful.

On a side note, I totally agree with you. I wish Jeff saw this thread.

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..Jeff seeing it wouldn't do us much good, though. He'd either just go cry off, or call us all morons, and keep stating that killing goblins is all we ever have wished from a game.

The same as always.

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Shhh. He hasn't abandoned BoA yet. Stop needling.

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He needs a BIG jumpstart. From my calculations, if he implements every little thing we've asked for thus far next week, and releases a patch at least as good as 1.01 every month, he will have paid off his debt to the BoE and (growing) BoA community just before he *says* he will make an Avernum 4.

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