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What is the purpose of those spirits that wander around in VoDT? Do I need do have done something specific or have a certain skill or item to get them to talk? Or perhaps they are just for effect?

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I don't remember the most of it, but...

You've got to let them alone, don't engage a 'ghost pursuit'...
At the far east of the outdoor map, there is a secret passage (fake wall as usual) that leads to some Great Shade, that kinda stuff...

It attacks you if you disturbed the wandering spirits, and that's what I did (and It's very difficult to kill with a new party, though it stills possible...)

I guess it's worth the look if you don't disturb the spirits, however I can't say what happens then...

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Nothing happens when you disturb the spirits, but you might not be on good terms with the Spirit of the Sick (average undead creature with 7ap, 1000+ health and freezing touch; he's ORANGE to boot!). I think you'll still get his experience reward as long as you end the plague before going to speak with him.

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