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AuthorTopic: Help: ASR: Taking out Jaen
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How do I find Jaen's hideout, so I can kill him?

All the Exile walkthroughs say to walk directly north of Liam, but nothing happens if I do that. How come I can't find the place?
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erm, are you sure you're going north?

silly question, but it's all I can think of :)
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The Jaen's hideout is hidden near the river, between the trees.
The entry graphic is stairs.

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I've wandered all around there, and I can't see any stairs. And yes, I've gone north. *sighs*

I wonder if it's a glitch or something.
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Have you gotten the mission from Stalker yet? If not, you can't get in.

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... kill Staker, then, when Jaen awaits for you in the docks before you leave the scenario... kill him too!!!

Well maybe it's just overeaction to the mess on this isle, but I think the end you get that way is pretty co_ol (and depressing, in some way...);
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Yes, I've got the mission from Stalker.

Is there something I can flag in the editor to make sure this appears properly?
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