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AuthorTopic: NPC's
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when you walk over poisanous puddles or your party gets poisened or deseised in any other way eg. VoDT school of magery disposal place. do my NPC's get hurt as well as my other people and can they die that's really what I whanna know.

is erica in this game?

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Yes, they get hurt and can die...
To avoid it, you can heal them with your priest, for eg.Select the spell you want to cast, and when you have to choose on which caracter you want to cast, use the "5" (or "6" if you have two NPC's) button of your keyboard.

I think Erika is dead in Avernum 3, but I'm not sure...The thing is Erika is not in the 4 basics scenarios.Perhaps after...

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Erika isn't in Blades of Avernum. Unless, of course, somebody makes a scenario with her in. But that's been done before, for Blades of Exile, and people hated it. :P

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I believe that this was just because the scenario itself sucked. There's nothing inherently "wrong" with putting Erika in a scenario, as long as you can make it make sense.
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It's be hard to make Erika an integral part of a scenario. She has such a well-established history that any scenario incorporating her would have to be very well-crafted and make several concessions in the plot just to include her. At this point she's probably better-suited for cameos.

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Is the Erika is VODT the one known to us all as Erika the Archmage. To understand what im speaking off, look at the destroyed offices, and at the name plates on them...

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I see what you mean. No other Erika named mages around so must be her. But the school is old, even older than Avernum 3 I think, maybe that's Erika's Hogwarts.

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If you mean that she was trained there, well, it wouldn't really make much sense for a student to have an office next to teachers. I assume that either mages live longer than normal people, or this is a different Erika.

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