weapons of VoDT

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AuthorTopic: weapons of VoDT
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hey all.what is the way 2 find out which weapon is stronger?how do you read those nos?for eg...is 3-12 dmg 1-3 lev better than 2-12 dmg 1-6 lev?and which is the srongest weapon in VoDT?help needed?AND is there an item editor for BoA? how do i get it?

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To calculate your "best" weapon, or at least the one who makes the highest damage:
for e.g:1-9+1-7/level (a sword)
The weapon makes a damage base of 1-9 points, plus between 1 and 7 points by melee skill point you have (to see details, just click on the interrogation point of the item in the game).
So, the "best" weapon is the one who have a better second value.
So, a 1-5+3-9/level weapon is "better" than a
But check the particularity of each weapon, and the skills of your adventurers...

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