VDT textbook for golem

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AuthorTopic: VDT textbook for golem
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I must have accidently trashed the textbook from the meditation cell - are there any others? I haven't registered yet, so can't get one from the editor - usually I keep all of my weird stuff in a central place, but this time, ??? Please tell me where to look; and thanks!
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(this info is paraphrased from the official book of answers, unfortunately, I couldn't remember where they were)

There's a book in the student quarters, in the meditation cells, you have to go through a secret door.

On the Experiment Halls there are a couple.

1) In the NE part of the map search in a room close to the exit out.

2) In the western part of the map, look inside a little room.

Hope this kind of helps.


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yes their are at least 2 other books... although I am not quit sure where they are any more

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There's another book in the center of the level the gremlins have rebuilded (can't remeber the name)

Good luck all, keep on playing
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