what's your party like?

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What does everyone's party look like?

I've been through all of the quests that come with the game twice. The first time normally thorough, and the second exploring everywhere and cheating some (ok, I did that a little the first time, too). I really think everyone should go through them all again, because there's lots of extra good stuff you may have missed! And how many of you have single parties instead of groups? Having played and beaten all the Exile games (a long time ago) and most of the Avernum ones I decided to use a singleton! It's much more fun, but I may try a party of 2 later.

Anyway, here's how my Army of one is equipped:
Blessed Steel Helmet
Fine crafted plate mail
Plate boots
Pants of power!
Mauler's gauntlets
Cloak of clarity
Band of Vahkohs
Warrior's bracelet
Koth's charm
Blessed Halberd
And my favorite, Morog's scepter

I've also got an electric crystal and the eye of khoth.

What about everyone else?

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