BoA vs. NWN

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AuthorTopic: BoA vs. NWN
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Wow, someone actually LIKES the spell system of D&D. Personally, I find it to be somewhat of a joke. I feel BoA (and many other CPRGs)has a good system thats been tried and tested and has been found to be a good one. I still can't find a decent reason as to why a mage has it sit down every day and work out what spell and how many of that spell he wants to cast the next day. "Hmm, I'd like to cast 5 fireblast, 3 unlock doors and 2 light tommorow." Next day: "Oh great, a dungeon of demons, aren't I buggered?"

I've always found the system of having mana per person and casting a certain spell which takes a certain amount of mana each time to be the best and most adaptable system out there.

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I like mana or something like it better than the memorization of individual spells.

Why can I memorize two Magic Missiles and not three if I already memorized the gestures/words for one?

Or is that system basically another way of administering your magical strenght?

Say you have 20 points (call them magical energy if you wish) These are very abstract. They symboliza your experience with magic, the power your body can catalyze as well as as the energy your body is able to expel without collapsing out of sheer exhaustions.

Maybe D&D does something like this. They skip the middle man, you don't have an actual number to symboliza your energy, but this is still evident in the amount of spells you can take and how, the farther you go up in levels, mastering your mind over your body, you can cast better spells, or more of the lower level ones.

Just babbling here.



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