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AuthorTopic: Unbalanced Spell
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Anyone else finding Simulacrom a bit unbalanced? I have been using it on boss creatures since I purchased it. Jean even ended up killing himself :) I find it especially usefull against the vampires and even Vahkohs in Diplomacy. I just use my priest to heal, and my mage keeps copying Vahkohs. With three or four of him running around, summoning vampires, and casting spells, I barely get a change to swing a sword.

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Yeah, I think so!But the spell cost 20 spell energy, so...Perhaps after with magery efficiency...mhh, i just gonna wait that a more experienced player reply your tpoic, :) !

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True, but summoning takes all the fun out of the game, I mean why develop your characters when you can just summon something. Plus, I heard that it also eats up your exp gain.

Besides, you should try Cloud of Blades. :P

Edit: If you can't win without using summons, you should rethink your character designs.

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Originally written by Sgt. Bubblegum:

With three or four of him running around, summoning vampires, and casting spells, I barely get a change to swing a sword.
That would be the main beef I have with summoning stuff. It's all fine and good until you end up with Arcane Summon summoning vampires.

So suddenly you have three vampires. Each of whom summon three more vampires each on their next turn. Each of whom also summon three more vampires on their next turn. Therefore you have 27 vampires going all at once, who all have the ability to summon even more vampires. Hypothetically, you could have 81 vampires running around in 4 turns (yes, I know AI would spawn this situation maybe once in 10000000000+ trials, but that's why I said hypothetically). Even worse, if this situation came about whilst fighting Vahkohs, you could end up with 162(163 counting Vahkos himself) in that amount of time. Infact, that's more likely as mass summons occur when the AI feels outnumbered.

163 vampires. Let's see Buffy get out of THAT one.

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