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I play on torment with three characters. A level 27 Slith Warrior, a level 28 Nephilim Archer, and a level 28 Nephilim Priest/Mage. The first three scenerios never gave me much trouble, I could usually kill most enemies before they could even attack me.

Now I'm playing DWTD, and the undead continue to rip through my ranks. My characters have decent gear, my Slith Warrior is using a Ruby Helm, Blessed Plate Armor, a Fine Large Shield, Fine Slith Spear, Armor Ring, Blessed Cloak, Fine Leather Pants, etc. But the undead, especially those Worker Zombies and Spectral Avatars, hardly miss when attacking and deal at least 50 damage per hit, while attacking four times. His Defense is 7, his Parry is 8, and his dexterity is 13. Even when War Blessed (which is level 6) by a very good caster, he still gets hit for a large portion of damage, every time.
Don't even get me started on my other characters.

I suppose my questions are
1. How much health and endurance should a character have?
2. How can I keep the undead from hitting me every time?
3. Is it possible to make a martial artist character like Betty? She rocks. :P
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1) I focus on offence, personally. Kill undead (with spells and archery, if possible) before they get to you. No amount of endurance will make you invulnerable.
2) Blessing helps, as do dexterity and gymnastics.
3) Sure, just unequip your weapon. You may be disappointed by the result, though. :P

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Alternatevely you could just get each character to level 3 priest that way they can all cast repel spirit. (which you can purchase/find up to level 5 in this scenario) Then you can really rip through the ranks. Who says you archer can't cast any spells? It's just not their *specialty*.
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Yes.. repel spirit works wonders on this scenario, I had a lot of trouble with it myself until I remembered the spell.
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