Can't find Unicorn Horn... HELP!!

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AuthorTopic: Can't find Unicorn Horn... HELP!!
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Hi All -

Another kickass Game by Spidweb (and there goes all my productiviy for the forseeable future)

Anyway, I'm on Kazai(?) Run

Trying to rescue the unicorn horn from the giants, and I can't find it. I've killed everything and been everywhere including down below except the SW corner of the lower level, but there doens't appear to be a way to get there.

I also found a key but no doors.

Am I doing something wrong? Where's the damn horn??


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It's in the far southwest of the lower caves, behind a secret passage. You can only find it if you got the horn charm from the unicorns.

If you're having trouble getting to the SW area at all, try Move Mountains on some of the rocks.

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When you're in the Giant Fort, go by the stairs on N-W.On the caves, go S-W, and, if you have the unicorn charm, you're gonna have a message, tell you that the horn isn't far.take a look around, enter a treasure chamber, the horn is in a box.

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Wow thanks for the quick replies!

I thought that's where it was, and I knew about the passageway (thanks to farsight), just didn't have the uni charm needed to open the door.

Y'all rock!

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